How it works
Consider the unit as a mobile phone that sends and receives SMS messages, along with GPS co-ordinates. An activated SIM card with credit is required. On a long life pre-paid plan, the cost of credit can be as little as $15 per year. The cost of required credit for the SIM is the only additional cost once purchased. There are no monthly fees or contracts, just the cost of your credit.

Forward an SMS code to the device and the GPS co-ordinates will be returned to you in text via SMS. Alternatively, a direct link to Google Maps can be sent to your smart phone. If you’re not so ‘tech savvy,’ then the Plug and Play unit is an available option. It requires no wiring and is powered via an accessory socket. It is as simple as calling the device from your mobile phone. A return SMS with GPS co-ordinates will be delivered to your phone in text. It is that easy.

Other features include,

Low Battery alert.
Power disconnection alert.
Vibration sensor to sense vehicle movement.
​Towed Alert
External switching. Wire the Vehicle Tracker into an external siren, horn, flashing lights or ignition source. Use SMS control to switch these devices on/off. (not available in Plug and Play models)

Installation is simple. With only 3 wires to connect to use the basic features of the CCA Vehicle Tracker, the average DIY'er will have it installed in no time.

The GPS Chipset’s installed in the CCA Vehicle Tracker, are powerfull enough for the unit to be installed in lockable steel tool boxes, inside a locked caravan, tucked up under the dash or locked in the boot of a vehicle, and will still receive a GPS signal, within an iron roof building. If you’re not happy with your purchase, return the item within 30 days for a full money back guarantee. Our product is not the cheap versions available on eBay.