About Us
At Caravan and Car Alarms, we can provide the customer with the ultimate security and best recovery possibilities with self-monitored GPS tracking. Our product is simple to operate, discrete with minimal current draw, easy DIY installation, but most importantly, designed to withstand Australian conditions.

The CCA Vehicle Tracker is the result of over 8 ½ years development, working with manufactures and component suppliers to be able to provide a product that is reliable, accurate and durable. A product that can withstand the corrugated roads and tracks to Cape York and back. One that will still operate within a 1970 GT Falcon in the blazing sun, on a hot summer’s day. Our product has been trialled, tested and proven to operate in this countries harsh climate.

CCA have worked with suppliers to be able to provide us with GPS chipsets and 3G modules that not only withstand the heat and vibration, but also provide accurate positioning and relialability, stability and are durable enough to withstand harsh Australian conditions.
In the beginning
CCA is a family owned and run business on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. We are heavily involved in the restoration and modification of classic and muscle cars. This led us to research and find a product to track these vehicles in the unfortunate event, they are stolen.
Early on, the devices we were using failed miserably. They simply could not handle our climate. Heat was a major factor. Vibration also caused failures. Battery consumption and component quality were also causing issues.  All of these items needed to be addressed. The products on the market were garbage.
It was through the misfortune of a personal friend’s campervan being stolen from their home, that it became apparent we need a device to track our own camper trailer. Once fitted, work then began on the development and evolution of what our product is today. This product is the result of testing in our own 4x4, camper trailer and classic cars.
Shane and Renee.